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I'm reliably informed that YouTube is the most popular search engine in the world. And it's amazing the stuff you can find on there. (As musicians, it's also acutely depressing when you come across a video of a seven-year-old playing really complicated music with the virtuosity of someone who's been playing for 5 years), But, child prodigies apart, there is some very impressive content out there that's been created by the web generation.

And if you look closely, there are a world of conspiracy theories too and our Richard (drums) is a big fan of these. YouTube contains videos of alien autopsies, faked landings on other planets, and all manner of the weird and wonderful. The thing is, as the cost of video production has reduced in line with the affordability of the technology, pretty much anything is possible.

And when it comes to making videos, we've made a few. We filmed the last ones in Gloucester and it was hard work.

But, because we're a band and not a teenager with disposable income locked in a bedroom furiously editing, we played live. You can tell from the cables plugged into the instruments - it means that when you hire Candy and the Sound to play at your event, whether it's a wedding, or a corporate function or even a small party you're having in your back garden (check out the Candy Sound Duo), we'll sound like we do on the videos.

So if you're trawling through a million bands on YouTube, watching videos so that you can find that perfect act, don't just casually glance at them. Look closely at the instruments - are they plugged in. And is the singer actually singing live or just miming the words to a pre-recorded song. If the drum-kit isn't electronic, is it covered in microphones? So, in essence, is it a band miming to a song, or is it a band playing a song. If it's the former, you have no guarantee that they'll sound the way they do on the video when you book them for your party.

Unless you book us of course. We'll sound exactly the same. Get in touch if you'd like us to prove it :-)


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