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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we've been asked. If you've got a quick question you'd like to ask, just click here and ask away. Otherwise, please feel free to review what's below

  • How much space does the band need?
    Ideally about 6m by 3m, but we can fit into much smaller spaces if we need to.


  • How much power does the band need.
    Because we use state of the art equipment, it's very efficient in terms of power consumption. So we can do the whole gig with all the lighting from two 3pin plug sockets.

  • What time will the band arrive?
    Usually two to three hours before a performance starts, unless you have a special need for us to set up earlier or later.
    Get in touch to discuss any special requirements


  • How long does it take the band to set up?
    From arriving at the event venue to full set up is typically about an hour and a half, but we can play music through the PA system for you or your guests from within about half an hour. Bear in mind that once we've set up, we'll need to get changed into our stage clothes.


  • How long will the band play for?
    We can play for up to three hours with sufficient notice (and breaks).


  • How long are the bands breaks?
    Ideally a minimum of ten minutes per one hour of playing time but we can plan it out with you to make sure it works around the arrangements you have. 


  • What time should the band start playing?
    It's entirely up to you, but for an evening event it makes sense to make sure that no-one is eating. It's not much fun for anyone if we're playing to a room of people who are tucking into their puddings . . . . 


  • Will the band learn a specific song for our wedding/event?
    Absolutely. Get in touch to let us know what you'd like. We've played all sorts of first dances and special requests, from Elvis and the Beatles through to Tom O'Dell and Snow Patrol so we're up for anything. As long as it's not techno, or doesn't have a full orchestra it should be fine. 


  • Can we choose the set list?
    We've got many years of experience knowing which songs work and which don't so whilst we'd encourage you to let us know what style of music you'd like and any songs that you absolutely hate, let us pick the set list. 


  • Does the band provide music between sets?
    Yes. You can either provide us with a Spotify playlist or we can play one that we've created ourselves. We can even take requests for your guests If you'd like us to.


  • What will the band wear?
    Whilst we've got a number of themes (80's, Disco and Funk, Soul and Motown, contemporary) we will always look professional. If you'd like us to accent certain colours just let us know. We certainly won't turn up in jeans and t shirts. Unless you ask us to, of course!


  • Will the band require refreshments?
    We'd appreciate Yes. You can either provide us with a Spotify playlist or we can play one that we've created ourselves. We can even take requests for your guests If you'd like us to.


  • Will the band accommodate a sound limiter?
    We're fully digital and that includes the drums, and we can play at any volume. So we can accommodate a sound limiter, but if your venue has one you should be aware that the threshold they cut out at can be very low, especially in residential areas.


  • Will the band stay later than midnight?
    Yes, no problem. But if you want us to play beyond 00.30am there may be an extra fee. Get in touch to discuss what you need.


  • Can the band add a DJ?
    Yes, for an additional fee (that is less than you would pay separately for a DJ).


  • Will the band travel abroad to perform?
    Yes, although the fees will be higher as they'll need to include travel costs, accommodation and additional time.


  • Can the band provide an acoustic set earlier in the day?
    Yes. As the Candy Sound Duo we can offer an acoustic afternoon set for an additional fee.


  • What happens if the band breaks down?
    Yes, although the fees will be higher as they'll need to include travel costs, accommodation and additional time.


  • What if the band gets stuck in traffic?
    We always arrive with plenty of time and all have breakdown cover. As we travel separately from different parts of the West Midlands, we can always collect a member if their car breaks down. It's never happened though.


  • What if a band member is ill on the day?
    If someone is ill at very short notice we can drop in a digital version of the instrument they play. Otherwise, we have other musicians we can use subject to their own availability. We'll always discuss any unforeseen circumstances with you as soon as they arise. 


  • Will the band travel to my location?
    Subject to their own availability, yes.


  • Can I sing/play with the band?
    We'd love for you or one of your guests to join us for a song. Siobriety is a must though, and if you want to play an instrument you'll need to bring your own. Get in touch to discuss your needs


  • Can we use the band equipment to play a song?
    No, unfortunately not. But you can use your own.


  • Can our DJ use the bands PA system?
    By prior Yes, although the fees will be higher as they'll need to include travel costs, accommodation and additional time.


  • Can the band leave the PA on so we can play music through it?
    Yes. The PA will be the last thing we switch off when we pack away and music can be played through it whenever we aren't performing.


  • Can the band perform outside?
    Yes, as long as it's dry and there are sufficiently safe sockets to the equipment into. 


  • Will the band require parking at the venue?
    We need to be able to load equipment into the venue and load it out after the performance. We're happy to move our cars in between, but we keep maintenance equipment in our cars so we ideally don't want to move them too far away.


  • Do the band provide lighting?
    Yes, and all our equipment is LED, so it uses very little power and doesn't get hot. 


  • Can I use the bands PA for speeches?
    Yes, but please ask us well in advance as we may need to relocate speakers to make sure everyone can hear. 


  • Will the band have a wireless microphone for speeches?


  • What meal is the band expecting?
    YIf you're able to provide refreshments/food, that's great but if not that's fine too - just let us know in advance so we can bring something. We're typically on site for about 8 hours, so we'll need to eat something at some point. 


  • Will the band want alcohol?

  • Does the band have public liability Insurance?


  • Does the band have PAT tested equipment?
    Yes, and we have the certification to prove it


  • Are there hidden fees such as VAT
    No, the fees you've been quoted are inclusive of everything. There are no additional fees unless something changes and even then we'll do our absolute best to keep the prices the same


  • How do I book the band in?
    Just click here and fill out the form. We'll be in touch very soon.


  • Do the band play public performances?
    Very occasionally but don't hold your breath. As a professional function band, pubs and clubs generally can't afford us.


  • Can I take pictures with the band on the day?
    Yes, absolutely. As long as we can take pictures with you!


  • Will the band make announcements for us?
    Yes. Just let us know in advance.


  • Will the band need a separate room to relax in between sets?
    Yes, ideally. But we'll also need a room to change in so we can use the same one for both. But if there isn't one, we can just find somewhere quiet to sit.


  • Can the band work alongside the DJ we have booked?
    Yes, just let us know who it will be in advance and we'll make contact to check arrangements.


  • Can we use your bass bins as a side table to place our drinks?
    No. Once we've set up we'll be moving all the cases our equipment comes in to somewhere else. 

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