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Today is the 31st of January 2021, and as we write this it's been flagged up to us that it's Richards birthday. And that got us thinking.... We've played at all sorts of events around the West Midlands over the years and some of the best of them have been birthday parties. There's something about having a party that gets everyone involved and it's a really great way to get friends and family together for no reason other than to simply have a good time.

But a lot of people get worried about having the band playing at their party, especially if it's in their home. "How much space will you take up?". "Do I need special electrical circuits in the house for the guitar amplifiers?" "Will the band be too loud?"

Well, probably worth cleaning up a few of those issues now.

As a four piece band we can fit into a space that's about 6 meters by 3 meters, but we've been known to squash into the corner of a room or set up on a patio looking out over the garden. Sometimes, if the space is really limited we've performed as a two piece using digital recordings of the other players.

And because we constantly upgrade our equipment to the latest most efficient versions, the power consumption of our PA system and lighting is now so low that we can run the entire gig from two 13amp plug sockets (and we bring extension leads). And finally, like the last point, we use modern equipment, so the drum kit that the birthday boy plays actually has a volume control so we can be as loud or as quiet as you need us to be. We've played some really big gigs with this setup - up to 2500 people, and we've also played to groups of 10 people. It all depends what we've been asked to do.

So if you're planning a party and you're worried about live music and the issues about getting a live band in to give the extra wow factor, you needn't be. Just get in touch and we'll be delighted to play for you. And we'd love it even more if you or your friends joined us for a song or two.


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