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We're coming up to Valentines day, a day that strikes fear and enthusiasm in equal measures into the hearts of loving couples around the UK.

Fear, because how do you improve on what you did last year and enthusiasm because who doesn't love an intimate evening with their other half? And there are some great songs we've come across and one great offer we're going to shout about (Here's where you scroll to the bottom if you just want to see the offer...).

As mentioned in a previous post, we've played at A LOT of weddings, and we've played so many styles of music it'd make your head spin. From rock n roll, to disco, to 80's pop to Ed Sheeran, every genre has classic love songs. So we thought we'd list a few of the favourite choices that we've played for people as they walked forwards into their happily ever-afters.

At the top of the list is Ed Sheeran. The man cannot write a bad song and the one that we get asked for the most is Perfect. But Shape of You and Photograph get notable mentions.

Coming in a close second are Snow Patrol, with Thinking Out Loud. But don't forget Just Say Yes. Great songs written from the heart.

A surprise third place is given to Elvis. Yes, that's right. To date, Elvis Presley has sold over 600 million albums and apart from the ones you might expect like Can't Help Falling In Love and Always on My Mind, we played a notable gig in South Wales where the request was for A Little Less Conversation with Junkie XL to give it a contemporary spin. To keep people up on the dancefloor, we mixed it into Play that Funky Music by Wild Cherry and the mash-up worked beautifully.

Pete (Bass) has created a Spotify playlist of these and other great love songs that you can snuggle up with. You can find it here

And if you're thinking of taking it to the next level, here's a special offer with love from the band.


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